The truth about squats: an open letter

Dear Squats,

It’s time for you to step back and end your claim as the holy grail of glute exercises. It’s time to except that doing squats will not make our ass match our sass nor dropping it like a squat will maximize our booty gains. I know you have a social media cult following who like to post close-up videos of their backsides in spandex, but the truth is…

My glutes now belong to deadlifts, bridges, and resistance bands- and I’m not sorry.

I appreciate everything you do for us like increase our lower body power, upped our vertical, and get us on and off the toilet, its just that… you don’t turn our butts on the way hip extension do.

So please, take a step back and let, lunges, bridges, and even supermans do their thing.
Again, we thank you for your all your benefits, squats… And if you have any questions please refer to the video below.



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